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Sudoku Syndication

If you would like to use our Sudoku, Super Sudoku or Godoku puzzles in your newspaper, magazine or puzzle book, look no further. We can provide you with regular daily, weekly or monthly puzzles or specialised puzzles for one-off publications.

For more information on all forms of Sudoku Syndication, check out

Easy to place

A Sudoku puzzle can easily fit into a column, your newspaper or magazine puzzle page, or you can even dedicate an entire page to a Super Sudoku competition.


All Sudoku puzzles and text copy can be provided for direct placement in any PC or Mac file format - no further editing required. We can offer Sudoku feeds to websites (XML, PHP, SQL, CSV, ...) or interactive TV direct from our powerful German server. You can choose the format, sizes, fonts, text, colours, layout and more. Once we know your requirements, regular Sudoku can be emailed or uploaded to a special online account. It's easy! Please go to for Sudoku samples in PDF, EPS and more.

Special variants

We can offer some Sudoku variants that are unique to Sudoku Solver, from the usual symmetrical or asymmetrical Sudoku to special patterns, colours, interlacing Sudoku, 3D Sudoku, irregular forms such as Killer Sudoku, hidden words and phrases and much more. If you want a new angle on Sudoku, just request an idea to meet your requirements.


Sudoku puzzles will lend themselves to competitions and offer great value for column inches. Our prices vary depending on a number of factors including the type and frequency of the publication and type of Sudoku. There are reductions for bulk or regular Sudoku syndication. Please contact us now for a quotation or further information.


Our Sudoku generators are the most highly-developed and advanced in the world. We deliver high-quality, accurate Sudoku ahead of your deadline, available online to retrieve whenever you need it. If you want amazing Sudoku like no other; talk with us now about your syndication requirements.

Contact us

If you want to find out what we can do for you, please complete the following form with your contact details and message:

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